LegoŽ Lending Library


How It Works:

  • Members participate by contributing at least 1 Lego set to the lending library.
  • In exchange, members may borrow up to 2 Lego sets at a time, for a period of 2 weeks.
  • Snap pictures of your built set, and email it to Ulysses to be added to our Gallery.
  • Members keep full ownership of their sets at all times, and may withdraw from the program (take their Legos and go home) at any time.  If one of their Lego sets is checked out, it will be returned when it is checked back in.
  • (Note: As of 08/26/2012, we have begun accepting contributions, but are not yet lending.)

Want to host a Lego building party?  Email us!

Lego Library Catalog

Set # Theme Title Owner Status Borrower Due Date
7037 Castle Tower Raid Ulysses Castillo Checked In    
9468 Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle Dean Manwaring Checked In    
9470 Lord of the Rings Shelob Attacks Ulysses Castillo Checked In    


Set # Title Owner Reserved By Reserved Date

How to Participate:

  • Clearly label the Lego set(s) you are contributing with your name, address, and phone #.  All contributed Lego sets must be complete and contain the building instructions.
  • Drop off your Lego set(s) at Ulysses and Dean's house (email us if you need the address). 
  • Choose the Lego set(s) you would like to borrow and fill out the borrower's card.
  • Return the Lego set(s) you borrowed by the due date.
  • Members may extend their borrowing time by up to 1 week, if there are no active reservations.
  • Overdue Lego sets will incur a fine of $.10/day until returned.

Rules and Conditions:

Participation in the Lending Library indicates your agreement to these rules and conditions.

  • Only members who have contributed a Lego set to the library may borrow a Lego set.
  • By contributing a Lego set(s), members are agreeing that other members of the program may borrow their Lego set(s) according to these rules and conditions.
  • Only members personally known to Ulysses and/or Dean may participate in the lending library.
  • All members agree to treat the Lego sets with care.  Although it is expected that you will want to play with your kids, this lending library is between adults.  That means that the adult borrowers are expected to be responsible for, supervise, and care for the Lego sets and all their pieces.  ("whoops, little Timmy ate the orc's head" is not okay.)
  • Under no circumstances will Ulysses be responsible for lost, broken, stolen, or missing pieces, or unreturned borrowed items.  We will operate on an "honor" system and will NOT count the pieces when Lego sets are returned.  I don't have that kind of time.
  • Members accept the risk that their contributed Lego set(s) may become lost, stolen, or may have lost or broken pieces.
  • Before returning items, please be sure to take everything apart and place them back in the box in the same way you received them.
  • Borrowed items must be returned by the given due date.  Overdue Lego sets will incur a fine of $.10/day until returned.  Members cannot borrow new Lego sets if one is overdue, or have unpaid overdue fines.
  • Lego sets overdue by more than 30 days may result in the member being terminated from the program.
  • Members keep ownership of their own Lego sets at all times.  They may withdraw their participation and retrieve their contributed Lego sets by notifying Ulysses by email or in person.  If a Lego set is checked out at the time a member wishes to withdraw, it will be returned to the member when it is checked back in.
  • Reservations for a Lego set may be placed by emailing Ulysses (no phone calls).  Reservations will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Permanent donations of Lego sets to the Lending Library are welcome, and will become the property of Ulysses Castillo.
  • All borrowing and returning will occur at Ulysses and Dean's house (the Lending Library).  Sorry, we don't make Lego house calls.

Lego, and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO group, which is unaffiliated with this program.