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Update    October 2016

The Lighthouse

Prayers for America, our world, & our courageous first responders who stand fast with us during National Disasters and events that challenge survival and endurance!

draws us into the "light" and hope
offered in God's Kingdom.

Miracles happen in the midst of the storms and in crises - especially when people pray!

Jesus offers peace and rest!

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matt. 11:28

Why we are told "Don't Worry"

Why did God appoint peace officers?


Petals for a Soldier

First Responder Recognition
First Responder Recognition


Chaplain Lynchard

Founder (1981)
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Original Peace Officer Prayer Partner
Logo (1981)




Praying for our
American Heros

Prayers for Heros

Sybil Chialiva, a gifted Graphic Artist, graciously gave the above picture to
The Peace Officer & First Responder Prayer Partners International on Oct. 2001,
as a gift of "love" and "encouragement" to the men and women who "serve, protect,
and save lives - often at the cost of their own."

This Prayer Candle is lit and burns brightly for the men and women
serving in ALL First Responser positions.

The "flame" represents continuous prayers which are are
piercing the airways and lighting up the darkness
petitioning Almighty God to bless and keep the
dedicated responders in His loving care.

First responders wear many caps!
law enforcement, firefighters,
military, paramedics, medical staff,
civilian volunteers, etc.

They strive with unity of purpose
to keep their country and communities safer
and to be a helping hand in crisis .

The price for this can be one of
laying down their own life
so others may live.

We humbly light candles of prayer
and are thankful for their
sacrifices and unselfish services.

Peace Officer Ministries, Inc.
Chaplain Steve Lee, Founder
Rev. Frank C. Ruffatto, Exec. Director

God's Word for Peace Officers (Bible)
Backup On the Beat (Inspirational Book)
Consultation, Spiritual Care, Training, etc.

Since many of the staff of Peace Officer and First Responders have entered their golden years of service to our Lord, we are no longer available by emails.

However, it is our desire to let our First Responders know that you will never be forgotten.

The need for "prayer cover" has been sent out across this Nation by many, many people who serve in God's Kingdom. Prayers (which we call "prayer blankets") will continue to cover you when you are "On the Beat!" Many prayer warriors will be praying for you and appreciating your services as you serve as our shields against evil.

This web site will remain as long as the server exists as a beacon of light and encouragement.

May Jesus bring you peace!


"Beef Stew for Cops"
by Chaplain Danny Lynchard (2010)

Available at or

"Coming Home"

Written by Rev.'s Hawkins & Lynchard

A devotional book for our troops coming hone.

(Acrobat pdf file)

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