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The KVMS was founded in 1986 as an association of those interested in mushrooms, especially in Kansas.  Our membership includes a few professionals although most of us are amateurs, and beginners are always welcome.  Every other month we publish a newsletter, The Kansas Mycolog, which lists scheduled activities, articles by members, and reports of forays. 
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We formerly scheduled forays for the second Saturday of each month from April through October.   Meetings were held the following Wednesday so the collections from the forays could be viewed.  Dry weather conditions have caused us to be more flexible on scheduling forays, but we have maintained the meeting schedule.  During the colder months there are no forays, but the same schedule (Wednesday following the second Saturday) holds for meetings.  We normally meet at the Free State Brewery from 5:30 to 7:00 for meals.  Occasional guest speakers or other programs may result in changes, but both forays and meeting schedules will be sent in emails.

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in mushrooms.  To join the group email Ron Meyers with your postal address and phone number to pilott29@sunflower.com.  We are no longer collecting the $8 yearly dues but contributions to allow us to pay for visiting mycologist's presentations and maintain our NAMA affiliation would be appreciated.   For contributions to the club checks should be made to "Kaw Valley Mycological Society" and sent to Richard Kay, 601 Mississippi St., Lawrence, KS 66044-2349.
Our club is affiliated with the North American Mycological Association (NAMA). This is an important organization contributing to the science of mycology and well worthy of our support.  In addition our affiliation allows members who wish to join NAMA to save a small amount ($5) on their membership.  If you join the  dues are $25 for members who receive their publications by electronic delivery; $40 for those who receive publications through mail delivery.     For  NAMA membership go to the NAMA wabsite at http://www.namyco.org/
February 5, 2016 New dues information in Membership.
November 16, 2016:  Calendar updated.
April 26, 2014: What's Up updated.
July 10,2015:  Officers updated.
February 20, 2015: Club News updated.

A Guide to Kansas Mushrooms by Bruce Horn, Richard Kay, and Dean Abel

A Checklist of Kansas Mushrooms compiled by Richard Kay

Wild Mushrooms Worth Knowing by Ansel Hartley Stubbs

Mushrooms in Kansas (NAMA Slide Program # 23) by Ron Meyers

President  Skip Kay
Vice President  Hans-Peter Schultze
Foray Chairman Sherry Kay sherry.kay@gmail.com
Secretary Ron Meyers pilott29@sunflower.com.

CALENDAR (Update November 16, 2016)
Wednesday, December 14.  Dutch treat dinner in private room at Free State Brewery from 5:30 to 7:00.  We will also have a short business meeting.

(Updated April 26, 2014)

Morels are up and being collected at numerous locations..

(Updated March 18, 2015)  
By Ron Meyers 
 KVMS News
With the end of the 2014 foray season this month, Sherry Kay has announced that she will not in future act as the Club’s Foray Chairperson. Therefore someone else will have to arrange for club forays.  Due to many other pressing obligations, Sherry will not be able to participate in club forays without a week’s advance notice. She will, however, always be ready to attempt to identify collections which are brought to 601 Mississippi St., preferably in a paper bag with contact information and circumstances of collection duly noted.

Morel Certification Workshop
      If you are involved in buying or selling morel mushrooms it is essential that you receive certification to comply with Kansas Department of Agriculture regulations.  See the following site for information on how to become certified.



    Richard "Skip" Kay has produced a supplement to his very useful A Checklist of Kansas Mushrooms.  He has added 200 species to the original checklist that he compiled in 1989.  If you have this publication you will certainly want the supplement.
    To order the First Supplement you should send $1.00 to Richard Kay, 601 Mississippi, Lawrence, KS 66044.  Skip is not trying to make any profit from this supplement, and says he will just about break even by the time he puts postage on an envelope and returns it to you.  However, I would suggest that if you wish you could include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with the order.  It would at least make it easier for him to return the supplement to you.
Richard Kay
Department of History
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS USA 66045-2130
    The summer 1985 issue of Mushroom the Journal contained a trial dichotomous key to Gary Lincoff's Audubon Field Guide.  I have copied the key to my computer and obtained permission from both Gary and Maggie Rogers, the editor of the magazine, to provide it to anyone who is interested and can receive it through the net.
    The file is written in Wordperfect.  If you are capable of reading Wordperfect documents the best way to send it would be as a .wpd attachment.  If not let me know and I will send it as a text document, which will lose some of the formatting.
    A correction sheet for this book updated July 24, 2000 is available.  Alan Bessette readily agreed to let me distribute it over the internet to anyone who needs it.  It is also available in either Wordperfect or as a text document.  The Wordperfect document looks better, but as it is only a correction sheet, it does not make much difference.
    Dr. Harold Keller, a native Kansan with degrees from both Kansas Wesleyan University and Kansas University, has co-authored a book on Myxomycetes.  While this is not a Kansas book, most of the species can occur in Kansas.  Check the Myxomycetes link for information on this book.

The featured mushrooms are Morchella esculenta and Pluteus cervinus.
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